A place to play ping pong in downtown Toronto without having to order a drink.  We also have a foosball table.  Our two ping pong tables are Joola Tour 2500s and our foosball table is a Tornado T-3000.  We plan to open in the fall of 2021

We are a membership based club that accommodates non-members.  Members pay a monthly fee and have full access to ping pong, ping pong robots for solo practice, and foosball.  Members have 24/7 access.  Non members pay an hourly fee for use of equipment.  A flat $10 is the only charge a for non-member brought by a member. 

Tables must be booked.  Members have the first opportunity to book.  Non-members can book online at the prices stated on the "Book Online" page.


Come try it out but book first or text.